Deko-light LED Stripes COB 1-channel

Deko-light COB LED stripes create the perfect homogeneous liner lines of light without any spotting. 1-channel 24v available in IP20 and IP67.

Light Colour (CCT)

3000°K (warm white), 4000°K (neutral white)

IP Rating

IP20, IP67

Lumens Per Metre (lm/m)

1000-1199, 1100-1199, 1200-1299, 1300-1399, 1400-1499, 1600-1699, 1700-1799, 2000-2299, 2200-2299, 2400-2499, 2500-2599, 2800-2899, 400-499, 500-599, 600-699, 700-799, 800-899, 900-999

CRI Ra (Colour Rendering Index)


LED Strips No. of Channels

1-Channel (single colour)

Connection Cables

1m Cables both ends

Input Current


Power w/pm

12 p/m, 12.5p/m, 15 p/m, 16 p/m

Product Type

LED Stips

Technical Specification

COB LED stripes in 3000°K (warm white) and 4000°K (neutral white). Create beaitiful unobtrusive lightinf effects, try using them in furniture, display lighting, coffer ceiling or plaster-in lines.

  • IP20/IP67.
  • 24v Constant Voltage (CV).
  • 5m reels.
  • 3000°K (warm white) and 4000°K (neutral white).
  • High CRI RA +90.
  • 3m 200mp adhesive backing.
  • Cuttable every 50mm (24 LED’s).
  • Cabled at both ends with 1m leads.

click here for 24v Constant Voltage (CV) drivers


Deko-light COB 3000°K IP20 data sheet

(172 KB)

Deko-light COB 3000°K IP20 data sheet

(73 KB)

Deko-light COB 3000°K IP67 data sheet

(98 KB)

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