Flairlight are the only lighting manufacturer in the UK that continually test the lighting industry’s mood lighting products, offering a compatibility statement to guarantee the operation of both lighting systems for harmonics and the lighting products for smooth dimming and low audible noise.

Don’t leave compatibility to chance…

Allow us to invite you to our testing facility and to show you which products in the UK market are not what they claim, and to see how our products compare.

These are Flairlight’s preferred lighting system suppliers.


Flairlight are a major distributor and stockist of I-light Mood Lighting Systems, our in-house team will programme your property and train the client how to operate the system to its full potential. Offering smart phone interface for total control, this useful utility allows the owner to alter the lighting scenes and save their preferences, negating the need for additional costs normally associated with other complex lighting systems.

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Flairlight offer the Mode Lighting Systems, mode lighting drivers, cold cathode drivers and associated products.

Flairlight are proud to support a fellow UK Business. Union Jack logo

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Flairlight also offer Rako Systems, either hard wired or wireless; the wireless system is a preferred favourite of ours especially for premises where the wiring cannot be replaced and mood lighting is still a requirement.

The Rako system can also be added to the Ilight system in the event that clients wish to expand their already installed system, one example is external lighting when it is not installed by the developer and is required by the client at a later date.

Smart Phone applications are also available for this system.

Flairlight are proud to support a fellow UK Business. Union Jack logo

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Rako certification:

Rako certificateRako certificate


Flairlight can also offer programming and products from the full Lutron Lighting Controls range, these vary from individual dimmers to total light management systems that control entire buildings.

As with most lighting control systems these can also be integrated with a smart phone and tablet applications.

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Lutron certification:



Flairlight offer system design, supply and programming of one of the industry’s highest acclaimed control systems.

Fully supported from its Surrey Head Quarters, Crestron Electronics offers a fantastic product range and our customers can benefit from Flairlight’s integration with service and design.

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Flairlight are a KNX Partner, and KNX is rapidly becoming the preferred chosen solution for high-end residential properties, offering total control of all items within the property on a Buzz Bar system.

KNX is supported by over 2,000 worldwide manufacturers, therefore product support and availability is never an issue.

Flairlight are the only lighting manufacturer to offer a compatibility statement, having worked closely with manufacturers including Jung, ABB, Vimar etc., so don’t leave things to chance, contact Flairlight to discuss products that work with major brands.

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KNX certification:

KNX certified


LEAX Lighting Controls used to be one of the UK’s biggest lighting controls manufacturers, but unfortunately LEAX folded back in 2008.

If you have a LEAX system Flairlight can repair, replace and programme your existing system. Alternatively, if you just wanted to upgrade the system with a touchscreen or smart phone application, then Flairlight can offer a range of alternative systems that can be easily installed wirelessly or on the existing LEAX Lonworks cable.

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