Deko-light IP55 Arcturus Duel emission adjustable beam wall lights

Deko-light Arcturus LED wall lights with adjustable beams thanks to fins top and bottom to angle the grazing shafts of warm white illumination.


Rectangular, Square

Light Colour (CCT)

3000°K (warm white)

IP Rating


Beam Angle

Adjustable (0-90°)

CRI Ra (Colour Rendering Index)



Dark Grey

Dimming Protocol

switched only

Input Current


Technical Specification

The Arcturus LED wall-mounted light is modern and suitable for outdoor flexible lighting. Using an integrated shutter, the light emission angle of the IP54 light can be adjusted between 0° and 90° to generate different light patterns, depending on the requirements of the application. The two high-power LEDs are protected in the dark grey die-cast aluminium housing, which generates 5.5 W of warm white light.

  • IP54.
  • 5.5w.
  • 3000°K (warm white) LED.
  • 200 lumens output.
  • Adjustable beams (0-90°).

For dimensions see individual products specification.

Deko-light Arcturus I data sheet

(76 KB)

Deko-light Arcturus I photometric data (elumdat format)

(4 KB)

Deko-light Arcturus II data sheet

(65 KB)

Deko-light Arcturus II photometric data (elumdat format)

(4 KB)

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