HOME OFFICE – More than just a trend?

Mobile working has increased for years due to new work, digitalisation and globally distributed teams. However, it was the current COVID-19 crisis that changed our working life. What used to progress rather hesitantly and was still an exception for many is now the rule:

Working from Home or Home Office.

As well as organising changing work processes, employees and self-employed alike should not underestimate one crucial point: the right lighting significantly contributes to efficiency and a sense of well-being at the home office workplace. Regardless of whether you as an employee are sitting in your home office temporarily, as a freelancer, have always worked from home or are sitting in an office with a small team – with the Office series, we have the right lighting for all home and office applications.

INTRODUCING deko-light Office Three desk and freestanding Up-lights, featuring high output direct/indirect dimmable low glare illumination with daylight linking facility, light intensity increases or decreases automatically to maintain a set level.

Radar presence detectors turn the products on or off when a person is detected, providing increased energy-saving.

The PRO range features all the same as the standard with the added benefit of adjustable colour selection from 2700°K-6500°K.

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