dot-spot products are extremely well know for their long service life even under extreme conditions of deployment. Thanks to LED’s special properties, it opens up the opportunity for lighting dot-spot IP68 Round 3w 12vDC Brilliance-Midi Narrow LED Uplightdesigners all over the world to create beautiful light fittings like the disc-dot IP68 0.25W 12V CD LED – 50700.00.01 that add style, class , comfort and more importantly, illumination to your home. dot-spot’s products add value to your home due to the materials and processed used to create teach individual product as some are made from marine grade stainless steel like the dot-spot IP68 3W 12vDC Recessed Brilliance-Midi Narrow LED Uplight (left) and aluminium. Not only this but, dot-spot’s exceptional customer oriented solutions that are treated with dedication and passion will also add value to Flairlight’s enviable reputation of providing magnificent, reliable products to the luxury residential market.

dot-spot’s products have a variety of compact and efficient designs which include passive cooling and thermo-protect which prevent’s overheating. The majority of their products are IP65 + rating which allows them to be used when the fitting is subject to water. Furthermore, dot-spot’s product have dimming compatibility as well as glare protect and the up lighters are made so well that you are able to drive up on them up to a weight of 3 tonnes!

It is an absolute pleasure to be representing dot-spot in the UK market.

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