Following the success of the pre-launch to 50 local property developers, architects, consulting engineers and electrical installers, Flairlight searched for a venue to hold a launch to its local client base, and we settled on the High Technology Suite at Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge. Flairlight hired the top floor and booked a professional driver for the day to take customers out for a high speed spin around the test circuit.

The reason for hiring the technology suite was that when we thought about the transitions in technology undertaken by the motor car, it bore a similar resemblance to the technological advancements undertaken in the lighting industry over the past 4-5 years; products were more efficient, promoting energy saving, and using less of the world’s resources.

Therefore, with the theme set and the venue booked, over 150 clients were treated to an exhilarating day and our Residential Lighting Application Guide was launched. The guide is completely different from other catalogues on the market, in that the guide is broken down into applications within a property as opposed to just by product type and it provides useful and technical information with design advice and tips.

We also drew a raffle for all who attended, with the following prizes:

  • 1st prize was a drive around the circuit at the wheel of a 6.3 AMG Mercedes sports car
  • 2nd prize was a 4-wheel drive experience
  • 3rd prize was a bottle of Champagne

The prizes were personally presented by our MD Mike Eddowes

  • 1st prize was won by Terri of Consero
  • 2nd prize was won by Mat of MD Architects
  • 3rd prize was won by Simon of SH Interiors

(all pictured below)


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