Outdoor Lighting – Wentworth

A mansion constructed over 2 years and built to an incredible high specification, Flairlight were commissioned to supply and programme a compete lighting and mood lighting package, offering a compatibility statement for operation and control.

The external contours of the project were emphasised with buried uplights set into the planters to wash between the windows, trees were up light to great effect in between the running track which surrounded the entire property, this was light using low level dual emission bollard lighting which cascades illumination onto the track, providing safe passage.

The lighting for the fountains and water features were controlled via the mood lighting system. The temple was illuminated using LED high intensity strip, washing light over the ceiling.

You can see the indoor lighting for this project here.

Design elements used

Flairlight 70w CDMT Assymetric IP67 Buried UplightsFlairlight 70w CDMT Asymmetric IP 67 Buried Uplights were installed to illuminate the established trees.
Flairlight Low Level 360 Emission Low Level BollardsFlairlight Low Level 360 Emission Low Level Bollards were installed to provide night time illumination to the running track surrounding front and rear of the garden.
Flairlight Warm White High Intensity LED Light TapeFlairlight Warm white High Intensity LED Light Tape was used to provide illumination to the temple and external covered areas.
Flairlight Duel and Single Emission Wall LightsFlairlight Dual and Single Emission Wall Lights were used to outline the property using 70w CDMT Metal Halide Lamps.
Flairlight IP67 UplightsFlairlight IP67 Uplights with 5w High Power Warm White LEDs were used within the flower beds to provide a subtle wash of illumination to the facades.

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