St Georges Hill, Weybridge

A high end speculative design and build project situated on the famous and prestigious St Georges Hill Estate in Weybridge. The developer had a spectacular vision for this property and commissioned Flairlight to provide lighting and mood lighting design alongside an inspirational city architect and local interior design company, the result was a magnificent project with many design features which were crying out to be lit.

The first area of opulence is the entrance with its wrought iron electric gates and name plaques to either side, a mixture of dual emission wall lights, buried up lights and hidden spot lights were strategically positioned to create and emphasise shadowing.

A mixture of wall lights, down lights and up lights were installed in the entrance enhancing each feature as it presents itself. Colour changing RGB LEDs and Swarovski crystal down lights were used to the bathrooms and cloak rooms creating a warm feel, and buried up lights were installed to illuminate the baths which were handmade. A 3-circuit wire system was installed in the kitchen, with a mixture of spotlights, up lights and tight angle spots to maintain the height yet providing a feature room.

Colour changing LEDs were used in the indoor infinity pool and wall niches enabling the mood to be changed as required.

Colour changing was also installed independently in the cinema room which allowed the whole area to be transformed at the touch of a button.

Design elements used

Variable Beam UplightA Flairlight Variable Beam Uplight was used to evenly illuminate the property name.
Duel Emmission Wall  LightFlairlight Dual Emmission Wall Lights with energy saving long life lamps were used to evenly wash the facade.
UplightFlairlight Uplights were used to provide an even wash of colour.
IP67 LED UplightsFlairlight IP67 LED Uplights with integral drivers were used to illuminate the folding back glass doors.
Flairlight 1w Adjustable recessed LED Tread LightsFlairlight 1w Adjustable Recessed LED Tread Lights were used to illuminate the treads providing high lightened luminance.
Duel Emmission Wall LightFlairlight internal Dual Emmission Wall Lights were positioned providing glare free staircase illumination.
Flairlight UplightsFlairlight Uplights were selected to cast shadows over the entrance.
Swarovski Starry Sky KitSwarovski Starry Sky Kit 70, featuring remote low voltage projector and 70 glass fibre tails with chrome attachments.
Flairlight RGB Colour Changing LED StriplightFlairlight RGB Colour Changing LED Striplight mounted under sink to provide invisible colour wash.

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