Outdoor Lighting – Private Estate

Flairlight designed and supplied all the lighting to the external features including Dual Emission wall lights with duel narrow beam reflectors controlling a 35w HID lamp, finished black to match the gutters and drain pipes.

These were installed to the facades of the property and washed the features and contours of the building, causing shadows which accentuate the design and architecture whilst reducing glare to onlookers or neighbours.

Low level buried quod emission fittings were installed to cascade illumination over the driveway, negating glare yet providing warm runway guidance.

The water feature was illuminated using IP68 colour changing LED strip lights linked via remote modulation drivers positioned in the external shed and controlled via the house mood lighting system. The water cascades over the edge of the infinity feature and the colour changing strip catches the water and causes the pool below to make the water change colour.

Either side of the feature low level guidance buried up lights were installed to gently throw illumination over the steps.

All the lighting is linked to the mood lighting system which was supplied and programmed by Flairlight offering a compatibility statement.

Design elements used

Flairlight IP67 Recessed Buried UplightsFlairlight IP67 Recessed Buried Up Lights were used to provide illumination to planters and trees.
Duel Emmission Wall LightFlairlight Dual Emmission Wall Lights with energy saving long life lamps were used to evenly wash the facade.
Flairlight Quod Low Level Directional Guidance LuminairesFlairlight Quod Low Level Directional Guidance Luminaires were installed to provide low level illumination to the drive areas.
Flairlight IP67 Mirror Mains Halogen SpotsFlairlight IP67 Mirror Mains Halogen Spots were installed, these clever products use mirrors to provide fully adjustable spot lighting to pick out trees and features without providing glare.
Flairlight RGB IP68 Colour Changing Strip lightFlairlight RGB IP68 Colour Changing Strip light, 1200mm length housing 36 No. RGB 1w High Output LEDs, fitted with Moulex Cable and connected to a series of modulation drivers mounted remotely enabling dimming and colour selection via control plates in the property via the dimming system. As the waterfall cascades over the strip light, the LEDs catch the water, providing coloured waterfall feature and providing a stunning affect.
Flairlight Quod Directional Recessed UplightsFlairlight Quod Directional Recessed Uplights providing low level glare free illumination.
Flairlight Warm White IP65 Cold Cathode Feature LightingFlairlight Warm White IP65 Cold Cathode Feature Lighting provided in the ceiling constructed coffers, providing a low energy glare free feature lighting solution with 25 years maintenance free life. Dimmable via the lighting control system for added effects.

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