dot-spot aquas 5w stainless steel installation sleeve for concrete walls and welding into metal pools

dot-spot 316L Stainless Steel installation sleeve for aquaros 12v 5w Code: 20700.827.06 setting into concrete walls Ø 90mm  x 100mm, or for welding into metal pools, supplied with stainless steel cable gland and 1.5m empty conduit.

Order with Code 98006 – Special tool SW 15 for screwing the cable gland inside of the installation sleeve, THIS IS ALWAYS REQUIRED WITH 93117.

Other options available, include: 

Code 93108 – Sealing flange for sealing the installation sleeve aq EH 50 when mounting in plastic and or foil pools, stainless steel screw flange, with 6 stainless steel screws and EPDM seal.

Dimensions (mm): 

Diameter = 90 (Ø), Depth =  130, Cut-Out 60 (Ø).

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