dot-spot Lediva 2 IPX8 LED Solar Lamp for Parking spot without motion sensor, 4.5m aluminium column, Finish Black (RAL 9005)

LED solar lamp with technology of self-sufficient, solar outdoor lighting to supply previously unlit or remote areas without access to a central power supply. Parking lot lighting or path and street lighting, municipal roads, parks, playgrounds, leisure facilities, public & private parking spaces, campsites, catering gardens, bike and walking paths to meet the need for light outdoors without a mains power connection.  Ecological light from sustainable resources for more energy autonomy installation that protects the floor, foundation tube: galvanized steel, mast: powder-coated aluminum attractive price-performance ratio with low investment costs and no running costs. 
Total height 4.5 m, detection range 8 m, jet black RAL 9005 intelligent control, customizable, deep discharge protection, over-undervoltage protection adjustable twilight value for automatic switch-on of the light, adjustable brightness value for switch-off programming of a reduction in luminous flux (night reduction) for a specified night time period needs-oriented light with motion detector (version B).

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Dimensions: (mm)

Head 1320 (l) x 417 (h)

Column (incl. Head) 4423 (h) x 223 (w)

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