dot-spot IP68 5w 12vDC Swimming Pool & Pond Luminaire, Warm White LED (2700K) >CRI80 333 Lumens Output, with 6 Degree Beam Optic, Thermoprotect, 5m Sealed Cable, Manufactured from Marine Grade Stainless Steel V4A/316L.

LED Colours available: Super Warm White (2700°K, Code 20700.827.– ), Warm White (3000°K Code 20700.830.–), Neutral White (4000°K Code 20700.840.–), Cool White (5700°K Code 20700.857.–), Blue, Code 20700.002.–, Green, Code 20700.003.– Amber, Code 20700.004.– Red, Code 20700.005.–,  RGB, Code 20700.099.–.

Available with 6° Beam (Code .06), 25° Beam (code .25), 40° Beam (Code .40) and Diffuse Beam Optic (Code .99).

Therefore complete product code 20700.840.25 is 840 Colour (4000°K) with a 25° Beam.

Larger version available 24vDC 20w Code: 20500.827.06

Optional Extras may be required:

Code 93117 – 316L Stainless Steel installation sleeve for setting into concrete walls Ø 90mm  x 100mm, or for welding into metal pools, supplied with stainless steel cable gland and 1.5m empty conduit.

Code 93108 – Sealing flange for sealing the installation sleeve aq EH 50 when mounting in plastic and or foil pools, stainless steel screw flange, with 6 stainless steel screws and EPDM seal.

Code 98006 – Special tool SW 15 for screwing the cable gland inside of the installation sleeve, THIS IS ALWAYS REQUIRED WITH 93117.

Dimensions (mm): 

Diameter = 80, Depth =  40, Cut-Out Available on Request.

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