dot-spot brilliance is the smallest adjustable buried IP68 (fully submersible) Up light available, at only 100mm (Ø), options include anti-glare honeycomb ineternal louvre, anti-vandal screws, buriel tube, with a drive over rating of 3-tonnes. Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel (V4A 316L), with outputs 629 (2700°k) – 819 (5000°k) Lumens. 25° adjustment, operating temperatures -25°C up to 50°C, making them ideal for all external applications. All products feature a unique ‘THERMOPROTECT’ safety system and are supplied with 5m Leads, also available with plug or 5m connectin cable and stecker plug / socket.

‘THERMOPROTECT’ reduces the voltage to the LED chip when heat starts to become an issue, by reducing the input voltage, reducing the output and under running the Chips until such times that the heat reduces and then the product returns to normal power. This unique system is ideal for hot climates in the event that products are left on during the day.

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Requires Aluminium floor mounitig installation sleeve (ordered seperately). Code: (94300)

Requires 24v DC LED Driver (ordered seperately) colour changing control eqipment is required, wired in parralel.

For optimum colour mixing use 35° beam. Code: (30210.099.35.33)

Other LED Colours available:

Super Warm White (2700k), Code: (30210.827.20.33).  Warm White (3000k), Code: (30210.830.20.33). Neutral White (4000k), Code: (30210.840.20.33). Cool White (5000k). Code: (30210.850.20.33), RGBW (Red, Green, Blue & White – 4000k), Code: (30210.804.20.33), RGB (Red, Green & Blue), Code: (30210.099.20.33).

Beam widths available:

10° (narrow beam). Code: (30210.099.10.33), 20° (medium beam). Code: (30210.099.20.33) & 35° (wide beam). Code: (30210.099.35.33

Available with Honeycomb glare protection, Code: (30310.099.20.33),  Available without Anti-Vandal Screws, Code: (30410.099.20.33) 

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Dimensions: mm

100 (Ø) x 163 (h)