Deko-Light LED Panel 8, 8.5w 24v Constant Voltage (CV) 2700-6000K (Selectable Colour) 470 Lmns. RA>80, 115° Reflector, Finish White

Part of our Humen Centric Lighting (HCL) products offering, Tuneable White LED products can be programmed (via additional equipment) to alter the colour temperature (CCT) automatically, replicating the colours of natural day light. The lighting products can start the day at a lower, warmer colour temperature and alter throughout the day to a Higher, whiter temperature, as the day continues the temperature can be reduced into the evening providing a warmer calmer effect. See our data sheet on HCL attached for more information.

LED PANEL 8 & 16 by Deko-Light is a 2-channel selectable colour (2700-6000k) recessed slim LED down light, operating from a 24v Constant Voltage (CV) driver (ordered seperately) and operated with the RF Controller one can select the colour to achieve the optimum correlated colour temperature (CCT) desired, fully controllable and dimmable. Devices can be hard wired or control with an optional WIFI box.

Flairlight guide to Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Click here for Data Sheet

Click here for Photometric Data (elumdat format)

Dimensions: (mm)

145 (Ø) x 18 (Depth) Cut-out 135 (Ø)

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