Deko-light EVO-01-08 Tile over extrusion for LED strips (Internal Corner Profile)

Aluminium extrusion for internal corners is a beautiful method of providing vertical lighting to any application where tiles are used for the walls up to a maximum depth of 8mm. Once tiled into position, add an 8mm-9.3mm LED strip and fit the diffuser.




Plaster / Tile In


2.5m, 3.0m

Technical Specification

A unique internal corner profile for tiles, enabling LED strips to be vertically installed into shower cubicles of any vertical illumination applications. The profiles are fixed into the corners, and up to 9mm Tiles are butted up to the profile. A suitably rated LED strip maximum of 9.3mm (w) is fixed into the profile. A remote LED driver will be required to be mounted remotely.

  • Available in 2.5m & 3m Lengths.

Dimensions (mm) See Image

43 (h) x 43 (w)

975341 2.5m Internal Corner Extrusion Data Sheet

(148 KB)

975344 3.0m Internal Corner Extrusion Data Sheet

(149 KB)

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