Deko-light accessories suitable for outdoor lighting instalations

Deko-light IP-rated products to assist with external applications.

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IP Rating

IP66, IP68 (1m), IP68 (2m)

Load amps (max.)

24A, N/A

Input Current

12v-230v, N/A

Cable qtys.

2, 2 x 4-14mm (adaptor grommets incl.), 2 x 5-12mm (adaptor grommets incl.), 3, 3 x 4-14mm (adaptor grommets incl.), 2-4, 2-4 x 4-14mm (adaptor grommets incl.), 2-4 x 16-14mm, 2-10 x 4-14mm (adaptor grommets incl.), 3 x 2.5mm / 5 x 2.5mm

Cable sizes (mm)

2-5 cores (0.5-4mm), 2-3 cores (0.5-4mm), for cores 0.5-2mm, for cores 0.5-4mm, for cores 2.5mm, for cores 0.5-4mm, N/A, for cores 0.5-2.5mm

Technical Specifications

85% of external lighting fails prematurely?

When installing external lighting, it is important to remember that the IP rating of a fitting protects the product from moisture and water entering it. A common issue that causes products to fail prematurely is moisture entering the product via the inner cores of the cable.

Why is this?

Installers frequently cut short the cables that have been selected and carefully protected to avoid moisture entering the products. They then make electrical connections that are not waterproof. All external lighting products are vacuums in that the product light source heats up, and the capillary action causes moisture to enter the products via the cables (inner sheath) and destroy the product. Moisture drops appear on the inside of the glass, making it evident that moisture is getting in somewhere.

The vacuum effect can be avoided by not cutting the cables short and ensuring all connections are to IP68 (submersible to 1m). This may cost more on the installation but will provide reliable external lighting you don’t have to return to at the first rain.

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