ACB PRADO 16/3766 Recessed LED Wall Luminaire, 3w 3000°k (warm white) 245 Lumens Output, including LED driver, Finish White.

Other options to consider:

ACB PAUL 16/3578 3w 290 Lumens Output, Recessed ROUND Version (A357810B)

ACB EDGAR 16/3577 3w 290 Lumens Output, Plaster-in Version (A357710B).

ACB PRADO 16/3766 3w 245 Lumens Output, Recessed SQUARE version with Vertical Slot (E376610B)

ACB REGAL 16/3767 IP54 3w 245 Lumens Output, Recessed ROUND Version (E376710B).

ACB THRILLER 16/3784 2w 165 Lumens Output, Recessed Plaster-in Version (E378410B)

Dimensions: (mm)

Fitting = 60 (w) x 60 (L) x 38 (d) cut-out 44

Recess Tube with driver = 44 (Ø) x 85 (L)