ACB “OLTER” 16/9438-110 IP44 Bathroom Mirror Light with Halo and Magnification Mirror, 58W + 14W, 4994 Lumens (Halo) + 1100 Lumens, 4000k (neutral white) LED with Tactile Switch, Independent side light, Integrated magnifying mirror with lighting and independent touch switch, CRI>80, Finish Glass / Metal.

Also available in 3000K (warm white) (A943820LB)

Smaller Version available 700 x 800 x 30

ACB “OLTER” 16/9438-80 IP44 Bathroom Mirror Light, 48w + 14w LED, 3000k (warm white) LED, 4129 Lumens Output (A943810LB)

ACB “OLTER” 16/9438-80 IP44 Bathroom Mirror Light, 48w +14w LED, 4000k (neutral white) LED, 4129 Lumens Output (A943811LB)

Dimensions (mm): 

700 (w) x 1100 (h) x 30 (d)

This mirror can be customised to your requirements click below for more information