NEW FOR 2019

A unique battery operated LED table lamp, supplied with Mains Plug-in Charger, excellent for usage where cables cannot be used our are considered to be unsightly, 6w LED providing 180 Lumens output, Combines Touch Control with stepless dimmable lighting control. Built in battery provides illumination from 2h (min) – 30h (max).

ACB “KEKE” 8151 Sob. 6w LED Battery operated (chargeable) table lamp, 180 Lumens Output, 4200°k (neutral white) LED, CRI>80, Provides 100% intensity for 2 hours, lasts up to 30h (light intensity = 10), Finish White.

Also available with in-built bluetooth speaker:

ACB “MOVE IT” rechargeable 1.5w Bluetooth speaker with 2w 4000k (neutral white) LED, Code: (S81731GR)

ACB “TAKE ME” rechargeable 5w Bluetooth speaker with RGB LED, Code: (S817218BG)

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Dimensions (mm):

110 (Ø) x 173 (h)