Flairlight photometry & chromaticity report Flairlight have built an enviable reputation for quality and performance, this is a direct result of the continual testing on all our products to ensure they are reliable and market leading. Our tests include colour temperature, delivered lumens and a new test in attempt to provide clearer clarification and information to our specifiers and customers. The lux level at a height of 2700 mm to floor level provides lighting levels which enable clients to compare these figures against old technology Mains Voltage and Low Voltage Lamps. Our intention is to take away the smoke and mirrors and complicated and confusing information provided by cheap products. Our testing is to prove the quality of our products and to ensure we are not portraying false recordings of our products.

The Flairlight “401 series” are unique in that the light engine simply screws into the light fittings, the engines are available in 9w and 12w. Please note that this value is not the total circuit watts, its the wattage of the high performance Cree LED (COB) chip. As already mentioned, we test the delivered lumens of every product with the fitting, we call this the delivered lumens value. For example, for the 40110.10 – 12w Architectural Fixed Regressed LED Downlight (left) the light engine actually produces 1200 lumens on its own but when it has the fitting  screwed on to it produces 910 lumens due to the light lost in the bezel and other discrepancies. Another factor we measure is the Lux level  at 2700 mm which is around the average ceiling height in order to see how it performs ina recognised level.

Flairlight go to great lengths and expense to focus on colour consistency and colour temperature of  all products to ensure there isn’t any visual differences  as this creates an uneven colour and balance of light in an area. To calculate this, we follow the 2-Step MacAdam Elipse which means the colour temperature needs to get between 2940k & 3060k. In this example (left) the CCT reading was 3024k well within the 2-step MacAdam requirements.

Flairlight photometry & chromaticity

Flairlight always aim high like aiming to achieve CRI= Ra90 even though most our competitors aim for Ra80. In our testing we found that our downlights are delivering Ra95 which is above our target and higher than most products in the lighting market. Furthermore, the 40110.10 – 12w Architectural Fixed Regressed LED Downlight produced a CRI = Re93 which is an average score taken over all the 15 colours in the spectrum as shown in the picture to the right. Again, this is higher than the recommended amount. You will also see that the red colour is 80.1 which means that Flairlight’s products will provide a fantastic rendition of colour and show true crispness which is unrivaled by our competitors even at the highest levels. Products costing 3 times as much cannot achieve these values.

Flairlight will now be providing a Photometry & Chromaticity Report for every new product to prove that they are of the highest quality and reliability.

40110.10 Photometry & Chromaticity Report

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