Flairlight IP65 10w Fire Rated LED Down Light

Flairlight 40002.10 COB (chip-on-board) IP65 LED down light features a 38 degree medium beam reflector providing the same beam angle as conventional low voltage down lights, this new product allows the specification of one product for all applications; bathroom, showers, internal and external soffits etc. Fire rating comes as standard, perfect for applications whereby a fire barrier must be maintained.

The LEDs are selected from a bining selection process known as 1/16 bin, most manufacturers select from a 1/4 bin process and therefore cannot guarantee consistency of colour. The 1/4 binning process is cheaper than the 1/16 bin process. Flairlight guarantee that all products will be the same colour finish and lumen package.

Flairlight have invested heavily in testing equipment to ensure that our quality controls are maintained this guarantees consistency of supply.

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