Some may say that lighting your bathroom isn’t all that important and that a few evenly placed spotlights would do the job nicely. Well, Guess what? They are wrong. Lighting your bathroom correctly makes a massive difference to the way your bathroom looks and the way it feels. Your bathroom is a private place for you to make as your sanctuary. According to recent research, in their lifetime women spend on average one year, seven months and 15 days with men spending a month less. Bearing this in mind, you want to make your bathroom a relaxed place considering you are going to be spending a vast amount of time in there. Lighting your bathroom is actually quite easy but there are four things you have to remember – Task lighting, Ambient lighting, Object lighting and decorative lighting.


Task Lighting

Proper task lighting is vital because it is the type of light which you can best see yourself. Task lighting is usually placed around the mirror where the application of makeup, shaving or self-Flairlight IP44 Illuminated Horizontal Mirrorgrooming takes place. Lamps or sconces that are placed at eye level either side of the mirror are perfect to provide shadow free illumination for the face. Our Flairlight IP44 Illuminated Horizontal Mirror (product code- 15130.40) (Left) is another alternative to the lamps or sconces as they are equally effective. The illuminated mirror offers a more modern touch which is better for renovated bathrooms as oppose to the more traditional option in the lamps which is better for older homes. When choosing lighting for your bathroom be sure not to add light directly above the mirror including recessed ceiling lighting as this would create dark shadows on your face making your job of adding make up or shaving that little bit more difficult. Task lighting doesn’t necessarily have to be high wattage; a 10 watt LED is a good option. You could also use LED strip lights around the mirror but this will create a soft but dramatic look in your bathroom which works well in both modern and periodic rooms. It may also be a good idea to put your task lighting on a dimmer which can be provided by Flairlight as this will enable the level to be adjusted  in the morning rather than being blinded as soon as you open the door. Furthermore, it will also help you wind down at night because of the soft, warm colours.


Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting otherwise referred to as fill light is mainly for bathrooms with tall ceilings and unusually shaped areas. Ambient lighting can be placed along the perimeter of the space which will Flairlight IP44 Wall ceiling mounted luminaireadd a more balanced look to the bathroom because the entire bathroom will be lit instead of it being darker in some areas of the bathroom. A bathroom pendant or our Flairlight IP44 Wall / Ceiling surface mounted Luminaire (product code- 15131.40) (Right) is perfect for capturing large areas of darkness to fill the space with light. As a substitute, you could also have evenly placed spot lights placed on the ceiling however, avoid putting them near as the light reflects off the mirror and shows an uneven balance of light in the bathroom.


Object Lighting

Object lighting or accent ligFlairlight lighting design surrey LED adjustable light hting is not a key factor in lighting your bathroom but, if you have art, sculptures or some sort of centre piece  then it would be a good idea to add a small  light to it. Generally, these objects are kept in an alcove and by adding a simple down it creates a dramatic effect and instantly draws attention to the object. It is very simple but very effective.  If the object is a slightly larger one and is placed on the floor, then a Flairlight IP52 round adjustable 20 degree LED light (product code- 10479.80) (left) creates a similar effect that the down lights create on the smaller objects.

Decorative Lighting

This is very important in ensuring you make your bathroom your own. If you are going for a modernistic approach, a single pendant hanging from the ceiling about the bath is a very stylish feature many people use as It makes the bath the centerpiece of the bathroom. In addition to the pendant, you could have floor recessed up lights directed at the bath to cFlairlight lighting designs smart lightsreate a soft and relaxed feel which is a perfect vibe to have when you are in the bath. These up lights can reflect off tiled floors and show strong shafts of light. Furthermore, if you are going for the modern approach, mood lighting is brilliant for adding to that relaxed and chilled vibe you want in your bathroom. Flairlight offer mood lighting control and a maintenance contract as part of our excellent customer and lighting design service. We can make it dimmer around the bath area to give a dramatic effect. In a more traditional bathroom, lamps and sconces are a great alternative for adding style and a classier feel to your bathroom.


Bringing it all together

Now this is the hardest part, there are many things you have to take in to consideration when bringing it all together. Having too much light in your bathroom is a no go and having too little make yFlairlight lighting designs surrey bathroom lighting our bathroom look unbalanced and moody. The best way to do it is to devise a lighting plan and ensure you illuminate the shower, bath and sink evenly as these are the main features of the room itself. Next add the task lighting i.e. sconces or mirror lights as these are important in getting ready in the morning or night time. Following this add any ambient light if needed and any object lighting if you have any. Flairlight offer state-of-the-art mood lighting control system in which we can set up your light fittings so that you can set what lights you want on for different purposes. For example, if you were just going in to the bathroom to wash your hands, we could set it up so that when you press a button the lights around the sink turn on.Also between certain hours, soon after midnight the same lights come on at 30% to avoid waking up other residents.  Thus, saving you money because you have less lights.