Flairlight Designs are proud to announce the release of our latest products; the 401 series. With the lighting industry forever growing and Flairlight’s drive for innovation we have added to our excellent range of products with a variety of downlights which feature a revolutionary light engine design which screws onto the fitting of your choice. The light engines which are available in 9w and 12w, have been designed around the fittings to guarantee consistent lumen output, colour temperature (CCT) and high CRI (Ra90). The drivers have also been fully designed in-house to provide smooth dimming performance and a unique 0-volt recognition device which cuts in if hot wired thus saving the LED from prematurely failing.  The products use a CREE COB (Chip-On-Board) LED Chip and offer a Luminous Flux of 900 lumens for the 9w fittings as well as 1200 lumens for the 12w fitting. The 401 Series also offers other beam angles (15,24 &36 Degrees) and are fully dimmable as standard. Furthermore, there are also fire rated and emergency versions of the 401 series and they are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible. All of the new products are 100% tested to ensure that they offer the highest level of performance and consistency. The tests resulted in no on-site failures because we supply products that don’t come back to customers that do.

flairlight new led down light fitting available to buy

40100.10 – 9w Architectural Fixed Regressed LED Downlight

Flairlight’s Architectural Fixed Regressed LED downlight is a stylish, high performance product for use all around the home including the kitchen, lounge and hallway. This fitting offers 3000k CCT with a 2-Step MacAdam Elipse meaning consistency in the colour temperature. In addition, this product has  CRI of Ra 96 which is above our target of Ra 90 as well as a CRI of Re 93 which is above the regulations for the coming year. Furthermore, the light engine itself produces 900 lumens and delivers 750 lumens when the fitting is screwed on. We also tested the luminous flux level at 2.7m (average ceiling height) which came in at a level of 254 lumens. This product also has an IP Rating of IP65 which means it can be placed in a bathroom and en suite as it is protected from low pressure jets. As mentioned there is also a 12w version of this product which can be found here 40110.10 – 12w version . This 12w version has a light engine that delivers 1200 lumens  on it’s own and 910 lumens when the bezel is screwed on. The luminous flux level at 2.7m read at 318 lumens and has a colour temperature of 3000k. For technical information on our test results read our Photometric data.

40100.10 Photometry & Chromaticity Data

Flairlight new led down lights spot 401 series

40101.10 – 9w Architectural Tilt Regressed LED Downlight

Another product of the 401 Series is the Flairlight Architectural Tilt Regressed LED downlight also available in 12w (40111.10 – 12w version). This product has the ability to tilt meaning you can change direction of light with ease just by moving the light engine. Similar to the 40100.10 – Architectural Fixed Regressed LED Downlight, the 40101.10 has 900 lumen light engine output and also delivering 540 lumens when the light fitting is in place. Some light is lost with this fitting due to the tilt action being in place this means that the delivered lumens when the bezel is on is substantially lower that the delivered lumens from the light engine on it’s own. According to our test results the luminous flux level at 2.7m read at 236 lumens when the bezel is not tilted. Moreover, the CRI of this product is Ra95 and Re93 which again, is above what we targeted for (Ra90&Re90). The 40101.10 is perfect for adding light down walls to create a beautiful balance of light in your lounge or Kitchen area. For technical information on our test results read our Photometric data.

40101.10 Photometry & Chromaticity Data

Flairlight new led light fitting

40102.10 – 9w Architectural Art-Work Tilt Regressed LED Downlight

A further addition to the 401 Series is another tilt regressed LED which is perfect for shining light at a centre piece or artwork from the ceiling thus adding style and class to your home. This product has a very similar performance level to the 40101.10 (above) apart from the fact its delivered lumens are 520 lumens and a luminous flux level at 2.7m was 232 lumens. As it is tilted, light is also lost out of the back of the light fitting and thus the luminous flux are affected. The colour temperature for all the new products is 3000k and is consistent in both 9w and 12w versions. To view the 12w version of this fitting click here  40112.10 – 12w versionFor technical information on our test results read our Photometric data.

40102.10 Photometry & Chromaticity Data


flairlight new tilt led light fitting 401 series40103.10 – 9w Tilt Semi-Regressed LED Downlight

Here have a brilliant product for the 401 Series which is the 9w Tilt Semi-Regressed LED Downlight. This product tilts either way but is only semi regressed meaning less light is lost when calculation the delivered lumens when the light fitting is screwed on. This is proven in our test results in which it produced 780 lumens from a 900 lumen light engine and 241 lumens at 2.7m. All the tilt products have a rating of IP40 and follow the 2-Step MacAdam Elipse with a colour temperature of 3000k. The 40113.10 – 12w Version showed test results of 960 lumens delivered from a 1200 lumen light engine with a luminous flux level of 296 lumens at 2.7m.  For technical information on our test results read our Photometric data.

40103.10 Photometry & Chromaticity Data