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dot-spot introduction.

dot-spot products are extremely well know for their long service life even under extreme conditions of deployment. Thanks to LED’s special properties, it opens up the opportunity for lighting dot-spot IP68 Round 3w <a href=[…]

September 12th, 2016|New Product Launch|

Introducing the 401 Series!

Flairlight Designs are proud to announce the release of our latest products; the 401 series. With the lighting industry forever growing and Flairlight’s drive for innovation we have added to our excellent range of products with a variety of downlights […]

April 22nd, 2016|New Product Launch|

Flairlight Designs App Available for Download

Flairlight Designs are excited to announce the new innovative Flairlight App now available for download on Android and iPhone. The App is smart and convenient for all your lighting needs and queries regarding our products, projects or services. The App provides an […]

April 9th, 2015|New Product Launch|

New Product Launch

Flairlight IP65 10w Fire Rated LED Down Light

Flairlight 40002.10 COB (chip-on-board) IP65 LED down light features a 38 degree medium beam reflector providing the same beam angle as conventional low voltage down lights, this new product allows […]

January 23rd, 2015|New Product Launch|